Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is my piano worth?

Evaluating a piano can sometimes be tricky as it is not an exact science. There are several factors that must be taken into account when evaluating a piano. These include but not are not limited to 1) Age of Piano) (2) Style of Piano-is it a spinet, console, grand, studio? (3) Brand of Piano is a major influence on evaluation. Is it a well known piano brand or something relatively unknown? Some of the better brands include: Steinway & Sons, Bluthner, Yamaha, K.Kawai, Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Kimball, Knabe, and several more to name. (4) Condition of Piano-from poor to "like new".  It is usually easy enough to look at the outside case & finish on a piano & judge but do you really know about it on the inner workings & many precision parts that are inside the piano allowing it to work as intended.
These are but a few factors that effect the value of a piano. We at Allegrezza Piano Evalution & Appraisal also utilize trade & industry standard publications to determine things such as the age of a piano & can look up most major brands of piano by serial number. We have been in the Piano business for over 50 years and are very experienced in evaluating pianos for individuals, universities, schools, businesses, and insurance claims.
Please feel free to contact Sandra or John at 1-800-898-0354 or 601-856-2524 at Allegrezza Piano Company, 608 Hwy 51 Ridgeland, MS 39157 for any further information needed.