Friday, April 14, 2017

Representing Many Fine Piano Manufacturers

Our store carries many great piano brands from Baldwin, Steinway & Sons, K.Kawai, Yamaha, Young Chang, W.M.Knabe & Co. Kimball, Wurlitzer, Mason & Hamlin, and many others. We also carry the PianoDisc automated piano player system that can be installed and operated with your Ipad or Iphone and is quite an amazing thing to watch in action.

We would love to have your trade-in piano or would love to purchase your piano if you are in the market to sell it. We will offer you the highest possible market rate value for your trade-in or if we buy yours outright. We also offer the option of placing your piano on consignment sale on our show room floor. We will arrange the pick up/delivery, tuning, repairing and warrantying of your piano and will only charge you a percentage of the sale price. So you will only pay a percentage when your piano sells. For more information on this program please contact Sandra or John at 601-856-2524.