Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just a Head's Up on Incoming Used Yamaha Pianos!

We will soon have some very nice used Yamaha Pianos coming in very soon! 
They are pretty hard to come by so I just want to give you pre-warning that they will be coming in!

There will be an upright model Yamaha 48 inch Ebony Polish UM-1. 
There will be two grand pianos coming which will be a Yamaha C-3-B 6'1" in Ebony Polish. 

The last one will be a Yamaha G-2-E 5'7" in Ebony Polish.  Each will come with an Artist Adjustable Bench. 

We expect this shipment to be in the store within the next two weeks! They will NOT be in the store long as we have customers from all over the country and other piano dealers looking for these pianos! Call Today to let us know your interest!

Please call Sandra or John Allegrezza to let them know that you are interested in one of these finds at 601-856-2524 or 1-800-898-0354 or send us an e-mail to AllegrezzaPiano@gmail.com
Thanks, Sandra.